Skinned Animals Could Be Baby Foxes, Preliminary Analysis Suggests

An autopsy performed on Monday dismisses the theory that the animals were puppies

Only recently, 11 skinned animals were found near the Lower Macungie Township Park in Pennsylvania.

Soon enough, the local authorities launched an investigation, their goal being to catch whoever was responsible for killing these animals, skinning them to the bone and dumping them in said location.

At first, it was believed that the corpses belonged to puppies, yet an autopsy carried out this past Monday suggests that the skinned animals are in fact baby foxes, sources say.

Although forensic tests will have to be carried out before anyone can vouch that these animals are not puppies, but foxes, the skulls and the teeth support this latest theory.

“We don't care what animal it is ... they're all precious in our eyes. This is unacceptable and we can do something to make sure those who are responsible are prosecuted for their crimes,” animal rights activist David Lee explained.

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