Six Great Linux Games Included in Humble Bundle with Android 5

All the games included in the collection are available for multiple platforms

A new Humble Bundle is out and it packs six games for the Linux platform, including the excellent Dungeon Defenders and Super Hexagon.

“Humble Bundle with Android 5” features six games, available for multiple platforms, including Linux. As usual, all the titles are DRM free and users should have no problem installing them.

Beat Hazard Ultra is an old school arcade shooter powered by music. Users can just choose any song from the game or from a music collection to fuel the gameplay. You will have to pilot the ship with great skill and accuracy and destroy the enemies, which are coming from all directions. Beat Hazard Ultra features Beat Hazard and all its DLC.

Dynamite Jack is a 2D action adventure and it draws its inspiration from a much older title, Bomberman. Jack is armed with only a flashlight and an unlimited supply of bombs. He has to escape Anathema Mines by avoiding guard and scientists, while staying away from the monsters.

Solar 2 is not your average game. You will take control of a planet and slowly build your way up to solar system. You will have to wage war against other planets or you can just become a black hole and destroy everything in your path. When you’re done exploring the universe, there are missions to test your planetary-building skills.

Nightsky is a physics puzzle game set in 10 mysterious worlds of silhouettes. You will have to reverse gravity and explore landscapes filled with tentacle-waving grass, spinning gears, and pinball flippers, as you guide a simple steel ball.

If you pay above the average price for these games, you will also receive two additional titles, Dungeon Defenders and Super Hexagon.

Dungeon Defender is an action RPG in which you can team-up with other players in order to fight wave after wave of enemies, and you will have an entire arsenal of traps and defenses at your disposal.

Super Hexagon is a so-called minimal action game developed by Terry Cavanagh (creator of VVVVVV). You will have to guide your triangle around a rotating hexagon and avoid the incoming lines.

More details about “Humble Bundle with Android 5” can be found on the official website.

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