Sites from Chile, Argentina and France Defaced in Protest Against Mohammed Cartoons

Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers warn that no one should attack their prophet

As if it weren’t enough that the Muslim world had protested against the US for the controversial “Innocence of Muslims” movie, now France is under heavy fire after a weekly magazine published an issue portraying the Prophet Mohammed in a humiliating posture.

Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers have defaced dozens of websites from Argentina, Chile, France and other countries to protest.

The sites from South America appear to belong to various businesses and individuals. The domains from France are mainly adult sites and the one of an organization called the Associated Volunteer Experts (

One of the hackers told Softpedia that that was only the beginning and that more websites from France would be targeted in the next period.

“If they have problems with Muslims they can hit them, but why are they attacking our prophet from time to time? Now, we know how to respond. This attack has just been started. We are preparing for more destructive attacks on France,” he said.

It’s uncertain what websites from Argentina and Chile have to do with the protest, but we’re not really surprised, since hackers from some Asian countries are in the habit of defacing random domains to display their protest messages.

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