Siri for Android Is Called Speaktoit, Free for Download

iOS and BlackBerry versions are in the works as well

Presented as new and innovative capabilities, some of the features offered by the iPhone 4S are already available on other platforms such as BlackBerry or Android.

A good example is Siri and its correspondent for Android devices, Speaktoit. The latter is a free personal assistant app that can do many of the things that Siri is now offering.

The application was launched earlier this month and already has several thousand downloads, growing 400% in only a week.

Some of the features offered by Speaktoit for Android devices are similar to those included within Siri.

One of the features that sets apart Speaktoit and Siri apps from other similar software is the ability to converse in human speaking style.

Basically, the application has the ability to understand conversational context and isn’t limited to a user’s input of a specific string of keywords.

Another common trait of Siri and Speaktoit is the capability to send emails, texts, look up information, post to Twitter, check user in places, update a Facebook account, look up traffic and weather, call people, take notes, handle the calendar, translate foreign languages, find news and many more.

However, the two apps are also different in many ways including the fact that Speaktoit allows users to choose a cartoon avatar to converse with, while Siri uses a simple voice.

In addition, Speaktoit is often updated based on user suggestions, the developers claim.

Although this is still a beta version, Speaktoit developers promise fixes for any feature or capability that does not function properly.

Speaktoit for Android is now available as a free download from Android Market and is compatible with all devices running Android 2.1 and up.

It is also worth mentioning that Speaktoit for iOS and Blackberry versions are now under development and will be released soon.


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