Siren: Blood Curse Dated and Priced

Coming up later this month

Sony Europe is announcing that Siren: Blood Curse has received a release date and a price. The episodic content game represents the reinvention of a successful PlayStation 2 survival horror title for the PlayStation 3.

Because of the episodic nature of the game, it will be split up into four chapters, each consisting of three distinct episodes. The first will be available for download from the PlayStation Store on July 24 and will cost 9.99 dollars. Each of the other three chapters will be similarly priced while the full game can be yours for 39.99 dollars.

In the previous games in the series players had to confront a being known as the Datatsushi which entered the physical realm and turned the residents of a village into zombie-like creatures. The aim of the Datasushi was to get them to build a physical body that would allow it to control the world, although the game ended with the non-corporeal being banished from the physical realm. Now the village will again witness a confrontation between good and evil.

Sony is billing the upcoming game as an effort to revive the horror genre by going back to its roots. Players will be stripped of all self defense means and will have to resort to a lot of sneaking and hiding to make sure they reach their objectives.

There will be 7 playable characters, some of them members of a television crew and some of them locals. The main innovation of Siren: Blood Curse will be a split screen that will allow the player to keep guiding his character while seeing the game world from multiple perspectives.

This is the first time Sony tries an episodic format for its games and could signal the willingness of the publisher to try and deliver more gaming content through its PlayStation Network.

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