Sir Paul McCartney Will Marry Nancy Shevell Without a Prenup

All you need is love: though his most recent marriage – and divorce – could serve as deterrent, Sir Paul McCartney will marry Nancy Shevell later this year without asking her to sign a prenuptial agreement beforehand, it has emerged.

As we also informed you over the weekend, Paul and Nancy have been dating for 4 years and are now planning a wedding, the singer’s third.

Three years ago, his divorce from Heather Mills was pronounced final and, because they did not have a prenup, it cost McCartney a whopping $48.6 million.

As such, one might expect he would never walk down the aisle again without an ironclad prenuptial agreement, lest history repeats itself with another woman.

In theory, this would make sense. In real life, though, McCartney and Shevell love and respect each way too much for such a thing to be necessary anymore, the Daily Mail writes, citing sources close to the star.

“McCartney’s lawyers have drawn up a simple one-page document, saying that in the event that the new marriage fails Nancy won’t make a claim on the trust funds of any of his children, and that seems to be enough for them both,” the tab writes.

This paper is more than enough for the two, the Mail claims. Not only does Nancy love Paul immensely, but she also has zero need for his money in the eventuality of a divorce, very much unlike Heather Mills, who, reports have it, was after his money from day one.

“Nancy’s father is richer than God,” says an insider. If that’s not enough, Nancy too is very rich and, also very important, is not out to make money or a name for herself off the romance with Paul.

“When you spend time with them together it is clear they absolutely dote on each other. They couldn’t be closer. The relationship is obviously for keeps and they are settled and happy. The relationship between Paul and Nancy is already far better than the relationship with Heather Mills,” a friend adds.

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