SilverStone Introduces Fortress FT02 Chassis

The chassis will enter stores next week and comes in either black or silver

Just on time for the holiday shopping spree, SilverStone's latest computer case will be a good home for any user's configuration, whether they are multimedia fans, gamers or simply people interested in having a sturdy and heavy case. The chassis measures 212 (W) x 497 (H) x 616 (D) and the outside plating is wrought of aluminum, whereas the interior is built out of SECC steel. The casing provides quite a bit of storage space, namely five 5.25-inch and five 3.5-inch hard drive bays, more than enough for any configuration. The casing also allows for a good component orientation, even boasting integrated cable routing.

The casing combines two of SilverStone's most notable computer chassis breakthroughs, namely the unibody construction of the Temjin TJ07, introduced in 2005, and the 90-degree-rotated motherboard mount of the RAVEN RV01, released in 2008. The hard drive cage is hot-swappable and the interior is acoustically padded. The strong steel skeleton and the aluminum plating truly make this chassis deserving of its name, for it truly is akin to a fortress, even weighing no less than 15 kg. Truly, no hurricane will easily blow this fortress from its path.

The chassis supports DirectX 11 wide ATX motherboards, as well as liquid cooling and radiator mounting. In addition, the case has a motherboard back plate opening behind the CPU, which enables an easy cooler assembly. The casing may come colored in either black or silver and may feature a side window. Cooling solutions include a 120mm top fan, capable of 1,200 rotations per minute, and three 180mm fans at the bottom, which can spin at 700-1,000 rotations per minute. The case also has a top-mounted I/O panel, which features audio, a mic and USB ports.

As extra features, the chassis supports 12” or 12.2” expansion cards and may come with an optional standard PS2 power supply. The SilverStone Fortress FT02 casing will be sold at prices revolving around 200 Euro.


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