SilverStone 1,350 W Zeus Power Supply Finally Ready for Delivery

The peak power output of the modular PSU is actually 1,500 W

By on November 7th, 2012 17:11 GMT

For devices that sell in very small amounts because of their prices, high-end power supplies are remarkably varied in size, output, cable layout, etc.

SilverStone has just made its latest addition, the 1,350 W Zeus, which has appeared at several trade shows, but is only now ready to ship.

1,350 W is the continuous output, but SilverStone claims a peak power output of 1,500 W.

As far as efficiency goes, the PSU isn't the best. 80 Plus silver rating is still significant though.

That said, the newcomer has six 12 V rails (a single rail mode exists), active PFC (power factor correction) and an 80 mm fan as well.

Finally, SilverStone's 1,350 W Zeus Series, ZM1350 for short, has a MTBF of 100,000 hours. Alas, no price tag has been disclosed.

SilverStone 1,350 W Zeus Series (3 Images)

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