Silver-Black Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard from Logitech Released

The Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard can connect to three Apple devices at once

Logitech makes peripherals for PCs all the time, but its latest keyboard is a bit more specialized than the regular ones, by virtue of being aimed at Apple devices.

Equipped with Bluetooth wireless support, it can link to not just one but three Apple products at once, be they iPhones, iPads, Mac Systems or whatever else.

The silver-black color scheme is complemented by backlit key characters and, by extension, good visibility even in the dark.

In fact, the keyboard has a sensor that detects when hands are close enough, plus another one that measures how much light is in the room and adjusts the intensity of the backlight accordingly.

US and European customers will be able to order the Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch keyboard from January 2013 onwards. The price is of $99.99 / 76.89-99.99 Euro.

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