Sigourney Weaver Wore Her Dress Backwards at SAG Awards 2013, Probably

Actress was one of the worst dressed of the night, this could explain it

She rarely makes outrageously bad fashion choices, but Sigourney Weaver was considered by most fashion insiders one of the worst dressed ladies of the evening at the recent SAG Awards 2013.

Though her styling was impeccable and she was wearing gorgeous accessories, Sigourney looked somewhat of a mess because of the shapeless black gown she had on.

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The dress itself wasn’t horrendous, even though it was a bit too shiny to look good, but the cut and the fit of it weren’t doing the star any favors.

As it turns out, this probably happened because Sigourney was wearing the dress backwards.

Red Carpet Fashion Awards IDs the designer as Alber Elbaz from Lanvin. The second photo in this article shows that the dress has a V-neck and a straight back, whereas Sigourney’s has an open back but no neckline.

Hence, she must be wearing it backwards, which would explain why it fit her so badly.

“Either way between the flat back of the gown pressing against her chest and the fact that she didn’t wear a bra she’s giving a whole new meaning to the words SAG Awards,” RCFA writes.

Even if this seems funny or even unfathomable, it has happened before: both Amanda Seyfried and Angelina Jolie have admitted to wearing dresses on the red carpet backwards, because they thought they looked better that way.

However, as word of this is spreading and many are having a blast because of the star’s apparent mishap, it turns out that she might not have made the faux pas after all.

Styleite notes that Lanvin actually has two models of the same dress, one with a V-neckline and one without one – that is to say, one just like Sigourney’s, just in red.


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