Side Scar Hints Beyonce May Have Had Breast Augmentation

Beyonce is now in Paris with husband Jay Z, where she’s working on her brand new album, doing some photoshoots and taking some time off to enjoy the sights. She’s been losing weight – but none of it has gone from her curves, claims a new report.

The other day, Beyonce stepped out in a backless outfit that allowed the paparazzi to see a bit more than she would have probably liked them to see.

Shortly after, talk of how she recently had breast augmentation began.

The Daily Mail, for instance, claims the crest underneath the breast, which is clearly visible (see photos here) could be a clear indication that she’s had some maintenance work done.

Another possible indication would be the fact that she’s losing weight – but this doesn’t seem to affect her cup size, as it happens with most women.

“She’s been shedding the weight over recent months. But apparently, that hasn’t stopped RnB superstar Beyonce holding on to her curves,” the Mail writes.

“The singer has sparked speculation she may have benefited from a [breast] job after stepping out in a top which revealed a side profile of her chest,” the British tab goes on to say.

“Beyonce certainly looked fuller in the chest department and even exhibited a telling crease underneath her bust,” adds the Mail.

It even goes as far as to include older photos of Beyonce, for comparison with this fresh batch taken in Paris.

Then again, it could be that the Mail is out to show the world that Beyonce is not happy with her looks and that she’s constantly trying to change them, the singer’s fans say on online forums.

In February this year, for instance, the same British tab noted that Beyonce looked “whiter” than she ever had, suggesting she might be bleaching her skin and dyeing her hair blonde to appeal to the mainstream public, as we also reported at the time.

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