Sick Girl Removed from Arizona Hospital Is Being Treated in Mexico

The police are suspicious, demand proof of Emily's good health

The sick 11-year-old girl discharged by her parents from a hospital in Arizona is currently receiving treatment in Mexico, her father says.

Doctors from Phoenix Children's Hospital expressed their concern on Monday, December 3, after the patient suffering from leukemia was removed from the medical facility by her mother.

She has been referred to as “Emily,” as the hospital cannot disclose information about her. The girl's parents, Norma and Luis Bracamontes, do not have a permanent residence listed.

Norma and her daughter are U.S. citizens, while father Luis holds Mexican citizenship, and has a resident alien identification card in the States.

Without authorization from the physician treating the girl, her mother removed her IV and changed her johnny, all to take her from the premises in a hurry.

Emily suffered from an infection and her hand had to be amputated, the Examiner informs. When she left the hospital, she still had a heart catheter on. Doctors warned parents that, if she didn't receive treatment, she might die from the infection spreading.

As the girl vanished, law enforcement set out a search for her in Arizona, California and Mexico, Mstarz writes. On Wednesday, December 5, the 11-year-old girl was registered leaving the country for Mexico, police reports say.

Mr. Bracamontes is blaming the staff at Phoenix Children's Hospital for her infection, and the resulting amputation. He has stated that his daughter was transported to Mexico and is now receiving medical attention in his home country.

Motivating his and his wife's decision to move Emily while she was not in stable condition, he cited the large bills he received for her treatment. Emily underwent chemotherapy for a month in Phoenix.

46-year-old Bracamontes stated that his daughter is “well and fine.” However, law enforcement officers in Phoenix are suspicious and demand proof of Emily's good health.

“It all just makes us even more curious that they're unwilling to provide us with basic information to confirm what he is saying, and they're still trying to hide Emily. There's certainly the potential for some criminal charges... So we're going to continue looking for her until we either run out of leads or she is found. We can't just drop it,” Sgt. Steve Martos says.

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