Siberian Doctor Uses Beatings to Cure Drug and Alcohol Addicts

Their method involves the use of canes and whips, patients say it actually works

It is a common held belief that alcohol and drug addictions are hard to beat. However, a Siberian doctor now claims that, given the proper utensils (canes and whips), one can literally beat a harmful habit out of an individual.

Dr. German Pilipenko, the man who first started making use of this innovative way of curing people's addictions back in 2004, is a psychologist by formation.

However, the working principles behind his using beating as a means to treat various forms of addiction have a lot to do with medical facts and run-off-the-mill biology.

Addicts more often than not lack a sufficient amount of endorphins in their bodies, which is why they have trouble feeling comfortable in their own skin and being happy.

Since pain causes the body to react by releasing endorphins to better cope with it, it comes only logical that beating patients ultimately makes them feel happier, Dr. German Pilipenko explains.

According to Huffington Post, this psychologist's fellow practitioner, Marina Chukhrova, commented on the matter at hand as follows: “We cane the patients on the buttocks with a clear and definite medical purpose - it is not some warped sadomasochistic activity.”

Interestingly enough, the drug and alcohol addicts who underwent such beatings in the past claim that this novel way of dealing with their problems actually helped a lot, and that, from where they stand, this beating treatment is well worth one or two tries.

“I am the proof that this controversial treatment works. I recommend it to anyone suffering from an addiction or depression. It hurts like crazy -- but it's given me back my life,” argued one patient named Natasha.

Dr. German Pilipenko argues that his treatment can also be used to cure other forms of addiction, and that people such as workaholics should also consider the possibility of paying him and his clinic a visit.

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