Shopping Lists Promote Weight Loss

Such lists make it easier for people to resist temptation, researchers find

Those looking to lose weight would have an easier time achieving their goal should they take up the habit of writing down groceries lists and sticking to them when they go shopping.

Thus, researchers led by Dr. Nicole Au with the Monash University in Melbourne, Australia claim that, according to their investigations, shopping lists promote weight loss by making it easier for people to resist the temptation of purchasing foods that aren't all that nutritious and that are downright fattening.

The scientists base their claims on data collected while monitoring a total of 163 overweight women who all agreed to go on a diet, Daily Mail tells us.

As part of this investigation, all the women were provided with information concerning dieting and the benefits of a regular exercise routine. However, just 50% of them were also offered detailed meal plans and shopping lists that they were asked to stick to.

The women were then followed closely over a period of six months.

During this time, the ones who did not get meal plans or shopping lists managed to shed an average of 8 kilograms (17.6 pounds). By comparison, the women belonging to the second group lost some 12 kilograms (26.5 pounds) on average.

The researchers theorize that these women succeeded in losing more weight due to the fact that, thanks to the shopping lists they had been provided with, they had less trouble controlling their impulse to buy unhealthy and fattening snacks and foods.

“Many consumers know all too well that over-eating and under-exercising will lead to weight gain and increased risk of chronic illness. But impulsiveness or poor self-control leads people to behave in a manner that departs from their good intentions.”

“Our findings provide evidence that shopping to a list is likely to be a cost-effective means through which the NHS [National Health Service] could reduce obesity and its related illnesses,” study leader Dr. Nicole Au commented on the outcome of this investigation.

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