Shocking Wedding Dresses Actually Worn in Church

Check out these inappropriate fashion-statement gowns

Word has it a woman's wedding day is the absolute happiest / most important in her life. The jury is still out on whether or not this is really the case, but there's one thing that's not up for debate: it's all eyes on the bride on the big day. 

Some brides, not all that comfortable with being in the spotlight, opt for more conservative dresses. Then there are brides like these ones, who, for some reason, put on outfits guaranteed to shock their guests.

These wedding dresses were sure to make a statement during church weddings, as these brides revealed a lot of skin to a lot of people.   

Some believe these gowns are sophisticated, while others just deem them tacky and inappropriate. Whichever the case, we cannot help but watch these brides strut down the church aisle.

There is no telling if the priests officiating the wedding or the elder relatives were happy to watch the spectacle of the world's most shocking wedding gowns.  

Choosing just the right wedding dress is a central part of wedding preparations for every bride-to-be. Unfortunately, after the big day it just gets thrown into a box and forgotten, until a daughter, niece or granddaughter expresses her wish to bring it back to life.

That will most likely not happen with these gowns, however. Check out these revealing dresses in the gallery below, put together by the Huffington Post.


Shocking Wedding Dresses (7 Images)

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