Shocking Video Documents Backside Implants Gone Wrong

Woman tries to augment her backside, is left with moving implant

Thanks to curvaceous stars like Kim Kardashian (pictured) and Beyonce, to name just two off the top of the hat, a new trend in plastic surgery has been gaining ground for the past few years: that of getting implants in the derriere to make it more pert and more protruding.

One video is now getting a lot of attention for showing how one such intervention can go wrong.

Because of its nature, we can’t embed it here but you can see it on YouTube; *please note that discretion is recommended when viewing it.

Backside implants are no different than breast implants, in that implants are inserted under the skin to augment the natural curves of the female (or male, it’s not unheard of) patient.

The woman in this particular video had the bad luck to get a moving implant: and she proves it on camera by slowly turning it to face the right direction.

The gesture doesn’t seem painful but we can imagine it’s not pleasant either. It’s definitely not pleasing to the eye, and being pleasing to the eye is precisely what she went for when she first got the implants.

“This is my implant flipping backwards. I don't think an implant's supposed to do that. It shouldn't be able to flip,” the woman in the video says, manipulating the implant back into place.

Since getting picked up by various media outlets, questions have been raised as to whether the video is legit or just a fake.

BAAPS Member Adrian Richards, a consultant plastic surgeon at Aurora Clinics, tells the Daily Mail that chances are high the video is not a fake: this is what usually happens when the implant is not properly secured in a “pocket” that would prevent it from moving around.

“It is a complication which is relatively common following buttock implants. It shouldn't really happen because the pocket should be snug so the implant stays where it is,” he says.

He adds that this isn’t painful but the woman in the video should not waste any more time and go see her surgeon to have the implant secured or, even better, removed.

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