'Shocking Revenge' Scam Circulating on Facebook

A new scam is making the rounds on Facebook and lures users with a shocking video allegedly showing a jealous guy taking revenge on his girlfriend.

The spam messages spreading this scam read: "[BREAKING NEWS] - Shocking Revenge over Facebook Status!" and go on to claim that "jealous Boyfriend did this to his girlfriend after he seen what she posted on her STATUS."

Scammers hope to peak the interest of overly curious users and determine them to click on the link that leads to a blogspot-hosted page.

The external site mimics Facebook's look and displays the picture of an attractive girl with the text "Prepare to be SHOCKED!"

This is a more traditional scam where users are asked to manually Like and Share the rogue page with their friends instead of relying on rogue Facebook apps to do the spamming.

Nevertheless, this old social engineering method still seems to be effective as several hundred people have already shared the link at the time of writing this article.

Clicking on the button to see the video redirects users to a page filled with ads and asks them to click on three different ones.

What's interesting is that these ads appear to be from Google, so hopefully the spammers' AdSense account will swiftly be suspended for click fraud before they have a chance to cash out.

In comparison, people behind the survey scams that flooded Facebook in recent months, prefer to rely on affiliate marketing schemes offered by companies like CPAlead.

Users who fell victim to this latest attack are strongly advised to unlike the rogue page and remove the spam messages promoting it from their walls.

Also users should be aware that pages that ask them for favors such as Liking, Sharing, installing apps and so on, in exchange for access to some content, are almost always part of some sort of scam.

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