Shocking, Crazy Russian Road Accidents as Seen on a Dashcam – Video

Find out why driving in Russia can get dangerous

The video posted above compiles some of the most dramatic, recent traffic dashcam clips originating from Russia. Most of the footage edited into this mash-up depicts close escapes from possibly tragic road accidents.

*However, user discretion is advised when clicking the play button, as the video contains shocking imagery which can offend.

According to stats by the World Health Organization, driving in Russia can get dangerous. Their website lists the number of road traffic casualties in the country at 26,567 for 2010, which averages at 18.6 fatalities per every 100,000 people.

A truly frightening scene is that of debris flying towards the road, at 1:10. Viewers indicate that the terrifying footage has been captured during a plane crash in the proximity of Moscow's Vnukovo Airport.

Five people died as the airliner crashed into a road safety barrier on the highway in December 2012, according to Russia Today.

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