Shipments Start for Lenovo ThinkPad Helix Hybrid Tablet

Seton Hall University is getting the first shipments now

Unlike most other tablets, convertible or otherwise, Lenovo's ThinkPad Helix was made with educational pursuits in mind.

That is why its commercial availability is not starting in the retail channel, but at the Seton Hall University in the US.

Originally, the dockable Windows 8 tablet was supposed to start shipping in February, but it was delayed to April.

Fortunately, it hasn't been delayed a second time. Seton Hall University is about to test the device for a few weeks by distributing it among the students, after which it will deliver 2,000 of them to newcomers.

The only shot at getting the Helix for personal use is through third-party vendors, provided you have $1,499 / €1,152.

Go here to read the technical specifications of the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix ultrabook.

Source: The Setonian

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