“Sherlock” Season 3 Pushed Back by Almost a Year

New season will premiere at the end of 2013 / mid-2014

“Sherlock,” one of the most popular and critically acclaimed series to come out in recent years, will premiere at a later date than initially expected. Fans, brace yourselves for what is bound to be a rather long wait.

Entertainment Weekly has learned that season 3 of the BBC One series will premiere almost a year later.

It was initially scheduled (though tentatively) to air in early 2013 in the UK and later in the US. The dates have now changed for late 2013 for the UK and 2014 for the US.

“Start of production on the third cycle of the fan-adored detective drama has been moved from January to March. Sources say the shift was necessary to accommodate the busy schedules of the show’s breakout stars, Benedict Cumberbatch (who’s in Star Trek 2) and Martin Freeman (starring in The Hobbit),” EW explains.

To make this pill even harder to swallow, for the same reason (i.e. the blossoming Hollywood careers of the two stars), season 3 is also believed to be the last one for “Sherlock.”

[Update, November 30, 2012]: Producer Sue Vertue is saying on Twitter air dates for "Sherlock" have not changed, the delay in the start of production is of just 2 months and, as such, insignificat. Phew!

"To stop further speculation, #sherlock filming has pushed to Mrch for availability reasons. It's not expected to affect any likely tx dates," Vertue writes.

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