Sharp's 60-Inch 4K LCD, the Integrated Cognitive Creation

The ICC Purios gets detailed, even if it won't be launched for a couple of months

Obviously, Sharp will be deeply involved in the 4K display industry, which prevents the ICC Purios LCD from being a surprise.

Of course, the fact that it was previewed during CES 2012 (Consumer Electronics Show), way back in January, made sure everyone knew about it too.

The ICC Purios is a 60-inch LCD (liquid crystal display) with a native resolution of 2840 x 2160 pixels.

That's right, this is a 4K display, one of those ultra high-end LCDs that few people will afford to get over the next few years.

It is nicknamed “Integrated Cognitive Creation” and will ship from February 20, 2013 onwards.

Its price will be of 2.62 million yen ($31,376 / 24,018 Euro). A humongous sum to be sure. We aren't certain that even the 110-inch TV set for CES 2013 is so expensive.

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