Sharp Ultra HD TV Set Only for Late 2013

Previous rumors that hinted at mid-summer were not true, new one says

The rumor mill spins lots of troths, but is also spins falsehoods from time to time, and it looks like something said about Sharp a while back may have been one of the latter situations.

Previously, it was suggested that Sharp was preparing an ultra high-definition television set (UHD TV) for launch during the summer.

Now, a new report says it won't be until late 2013 that the 4K resolution display (3840 x 2160 pixels) will reach stores.

It puts Sharp rather behind some of its peers, but at least the company isn't going to ignore the display type.

Also, given how expensive 4K TVs are, Sharp doesn't really stand to lose much by delaying its entry into this segment. As amazing as they are, the products are very expensive and rare, so early sales would not affect the company's finances all that much.

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