Sharp Pleading for Help from US Companies

It is offering shares in exchange for an investment

Since the IGZO technology has proven to be insufficient in Sharp's continued struggle to stabilize its finances, the company has to do one of the few things it still can: ask for help.

This is not a good time to be working for Sharp, regardless of position. While executives have to deal with disheartening reports, employees have to live in fear of being sacked at any moment.

For those that need background information, Sharp lost around $2 billion this year. The exact sum is $1.94 billion, or 1.49 billion Euro.

To cut its losses, the corporation chose to fire 11,000 people, after it had already sacked 5,000 others.

The IGZO display technology was supposed to help things a bit, but that's a slow going initiative. The 4K UHD monitor only appeared the other day, and there just hasn't been enough time to promote the technology.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee that IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) panels will actually be able to save the day.

Coupled with the problems Japan has been having since March last year (2011, due to the earthquake and the following tsunami), Sharp has nothing else to call upon in its home market.

This is why, according to The Wall Street Journal, the corporation is asking for help from companies based elsewhere.

Sharp is basically looking for an investment and is ready to offer stakes in its business in exchange, plus an inside track on future technologies.

Dell is said to be one of the primary targets of Sharp's advances, though Intel and Qualcomm aren't so far behind.

Since Sharp expects a second year of heavy financial losses, securing an investment with one or more of these potential partners is paramount. Sadly, if the company has any more layoffs in mind, whatever deals it makes probably won't make it change its mind about them.

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