Sharp Almost Willing to Let Lenovo Buy Its LCD TV Plant

The talks are finally winding down, so Lenovo can expand beyond PCs

Lenovo may be one of the two top suppliers of PCs. More or less tied with HP, but it wants to do more than sell computers.

The company needs a better way to build whatever TVs it comes up with though, and while it could, theoretically, enlist third parties to perform the assembly, Lenovo isn't ready to settle for that.

That is why it has been negotiating with Sharp for the acquisition of the latter's LCD TV plant in Nanjing, China.

Lenovo also hopes to get panels from Sharp's 10G line. In exchange, it might make a few TVs bearing Sharp's brand rather than its own.

Sharp and Lenovo haven't reached an agreement yet, but they are getting there, according to so-called industry sources cited by Digitimes website. It shouldn't be more than a few weeks before preparations are complete.

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