Sharon Osbourne’s 911 Tape Is Out, Might Offer Clues About Ozzy Split

Report says rocker might have set Beverly Hills mansion on fire, not Sharon

Rumors that Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have split still persist, even if the rocker denied on Facebook that they were getting a divorce. The January 911 call Sharon placed when their Beverly Hills mansion caught on fire has emerged online – and it could offer some hints about the split.

Check it out in full below.

As we also reported at the time, the two woke up to find a room in their home engulfed by flames after forgetting a candle lit on a table.

TMZ listened to the tape closely, noticing that it might leave room for speculation that Sharon wasn’t the one who forgot to put it out, as she claimed.

“We've re-listened to the tape – recorded January 17 at 4:45 AM – and you hear Ozzy at the beginning, sounding somewhat incoherent,” the celebrity publication writes.

“It's possible Ozzy was no different than normal, but we now know he's only been sober for around 45 days after 1 1/2 years of abusing drugs and alcohol, so that would mean he was using at the time of the 911 call,” adds the same media outlet.

He might have been the one who started the fire and, considering that ongoing reports are saying that Sharon was the one who walked away from the marriage because she could no longer stand his behavior when he was drunk and on drugs, the tape could indicate the beginning of the end.

“So here's what we have. Someone lit a candle and then carelessly let it burn. Ozzy was off the wagon. It was 4:45 AM. Sharon sounds like she's the one who was blindsided,” TMZ says.

So far, Sharon has refused to address the divorce rumors, but paparazzi pictures confirm she’s on vacation alone.

Meanwhile, Ozzy wrote to his fans on Facebook to say that he’s had a relapse but is working on staying sober again. He also apologized to Sharon and his kids, and insisted that divorce was not an option.

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