Sharon Osbourne Takes Plastic Surgery Too Far

Reality star seems puffy and tight in the face

Not long ago, several British beauty publications were saying Sharon Osbourne was the one celebrity who could boast of being the perfect example of good plastic surgery. She never made a secret of the interventions she underwent throughout the years but she always knew when to stop, before becoming “too plastic.” Until just recently, the Daily Mail says.

The other day, Sharon made her first appearance as part of the panel of hosts for CBS’ new show, The Talk, but, unlike previous times when she appeared in front of the camera, there was something really “off” about her face. Aside from being too puffy, it was also too tight, as if the skin on it had been pulled back to smoothen it out, the aforementioned publication says based on the photos taken on the occasion. Sharon’s face also seemed lopsided.

“She’s made no secret of her love of plastic surgery – crediting it with transforming both her figure and her face. But it seems it may be time for Sharon Osbourne to take a break from the knife. Appearing to promote the new US CBS daytime show The Talk today, her face appeared unusually plump and slightly lopsided. The America’s Got Talent judge has admitted spending £120,000 on plastic surgery in the past, including stomach stapling, a face lift, brow lift and breast enhancement,” the Mail writes.

“After losing half my body weight I had flesh hanging everywhere. So much needed doing that it couldn’t have been done in one operation. I got to the point where I realized I was abusing, I wasn’t respecting my body. I was chopping it, changing it, and it’s like, hey, you’ve only got like one body and you have to respect your body. It’s not a perfect solution with the gastric band, it’s not all up sides – there’s so many side effects and for some people it doesn’t work at all,” Sharon said in one of her more recent interviews about her experience with plastic surgery.

What makes the star stand apart from the many celebrities out there who also get work done is that she never claimed to look this good naturally. Quite the opposite of that, actually, since Mrs. Osbourne has spoken out more than once about what it was like to make a name for herself in an industry that places so much emphasis of good looks – which she didn’t have until she came across plastic surgery, she says.

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