Sharon Osbourne Bans Candles from Her Home – Video

Star says she’s done with candles after January home fire

Sharon Osbourne has learned her lesson and is never again leaving candles unattended, let alone go to sleep with them lit in another room. In fact, she tells TMZ paparazzi, she’s never using candles inside her home ever again.

Check out the video below to hear it straight from her.

The paps caught up with her over the weekend, as she was leaving one of the many Grammy parties, and openly asked her how she was feeling towards using candles in her home.

She seemed shocked to be asked that question.

“No more candles. Only in church!” Sharon answered before telling the pap never to joke about such things again.

As we also reported in January, Sharon nearly set her entire home ablaze after forgetting to put out the candles she’d used before she went to bed.

She treated the incident with trademark humor at the time, even joking about how she’d done it on purpose so she could be rescued by handsome firefighters but, at the same time, she also admitted she was scared.

She recalled how she and husband Ozzy got up in the middle of the night, smelling smoke.

When they went down to the room where the candles had been, they found it engulfed by flames. Panicked, they tried to throw water on the fire and even opened the doors to create a draft, which only made things worse.

“I go into the kitchen to get water and throw the water on it, with the doors open and the water it erupted! It erupted, Ozzy's hair from here to here, gone. And we are like two idiots, it was like The Three Stooges. Everything you are not meant to do – go to bed with candles alight, open the doors and put water on – we did it all,” she said.

“Please everybody always check all the candles lit in the house before going to bed. I didn't, and at 5am this morning I was met with 5 gorgeous men from the BH Fire Department as they put out the fire in my house,” Sharon also said after the incident, hoping that, at least, her case would make others be more careful about these things.

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