Sharkoon Reveals Three New Gaming Mouse Pads

They are already available, unlike most items launched this week

By on January 15th, 2013 15:59 GMT

After a CES session and another few days of products that won't ship before the end of the month, or the next one, it is refreshing to see the scant few that are already up for grabs.

Sharkoon is among the companies offering such products, though it isn't exactly doing anything momentous.

Instead, the company has introduced three new gaming mouse pads, called 1337 Tough Gaming Mouse Pad, FireGround and Keto Mouse Pad.

The first one has a finely textured hard plastic surface and works well with Teflon mouse skates. Its underside is made of rubber, to avoid slipping.

Sharkoon FireGround is larger, made for both the mouse and the keyboard.

As for Keto, it is small and light, for laptop mice when traveling.

In that order, the newcomers sell for 21.99 Euro / $21.99, 21.99 Euro / $21.99 (again) and 6.99 Euro / $6.99.

Sharkoon mouse pads (3 Images)

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