Sharkoon PC Case Collection Welcomes Scorpio 1000 and 2000

It appears that Antec is not the only company to have broken the silence in order to deliver new computer cases, as Sharkoon has also provided two of them, new additions to the existing Scorpio line.

Sharkoon Technologies figured it was high time its two newest PC enclosures saw the light of day, so it updated its website with their product pages.

They have many similarities, but also enough unique elements to stand apart from one another.

In terms of what they share, the newcomers each have four exposed 5.25-inch drive bays, for ODDs (optical disk drives) and other things, like fan controllers.

There is also a pair of 2.5-inch bays at the bottom, which can be accessed by simply opening the so-called front door.

Another benefit is the top I/O panel, which features an eSATA port, two USB 2.0 connectors and a pair of Audio ports. There is also mention of convenient and quick optical drive fasteners.

The main difference is in their front panels. For the Scorpio 1000, said panel has a very transparent mesh section that makes the 120mm blue LED front fan very visible, while the Scorpio 2000 conceals its own front spinners better.

This is the second difference, in that the 1000 has a single, center 120mm fan, while the 2000 has a 140mm blue LED model and an 80mm one.

The 120mm rear fan is present inside either enclosure, as is the pair of pre-drilled watercooling holes. Basically, should end-users wish it, they will have the possibility of implementing highly-effective liquid cooling systems, useful for high-end and especially overclocked systems.

All the above are packed inside frames measuring the same 500 (L) x 210 (W) x 503 (H) mm.

European online stores should already have both products up for pre-order, at the price of 67.47 Euro. Those that want a direct look over all available information on either case need only drop by the official website (1000, 2000).


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