Share Security Thoughts on Twitter and Win an Avast! License

Be sure to use the “#WhenIsayProtectionImean” hashtag

Security solutions provider Avast! has launched a Twitter contest. The winner will be rewarded with an Avast! license.

So what do you have to do to participate?

First of all, you must follow Avast’s Twitter account. Then simply let everybody know the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of security.

The tweets must contain the “#WhenIsayProtectionImean” hashtag for them to be taken into consideration.

Avast urges competitors to be creative, funny and free.

And if you’re into Twitter competitions, I have another one for you. Last week, Hack in the Box announced a similar contest.

The winner will get a VIP ticket to the upcoming conference in Amsterdam and $1337 for travel expenses.

All you need to do is follow @HITBSecConf on Twitter and post the following message: “This is my entry to the #HITB1337Giveaway! Please help me RT and win a VIP ticket to #HITB2013AMS and USD1337 -”

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