Share Curiosity's View of Mars with This Billion-Pixel Panorama

NASA put together a gorgeous panorama which you can explore at your leisure

Curiosity has been doing plenty of hard science on Mars. For example, it has confirmed that clean water and even streams once flowed on the planet.

But it's also been taking a lot of photos which, aside from being important to scientists, have the added benefit of being absolutely gorgeous.

We've seen quite a few wonderful images shot by the rover, but NASA has now put together a huge and interactive panorama of the view seen by Mars at the Rocknest location.

NASA used 900 different images to stitch together this great panorama which weighs in at 1.3 billion pixels (1.3 Gigapixels). The interactive version of the panorama, in which you can move around, zoom in to see great details, and so on, is now live on the web.

There have been some gigantic panoramas put together from Curiosity images before, but this is the first large one created by NASA itself.

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