Shaquille O’Neal Gets His Revenge on Aaron Carter After 2001 Humiliation – Video

Hilarious video sees Shaq finally find peace after public “embarrassment”

Above is perhaps the funniest video you’ll see today. Shaquille O’Neal has had had enough and, after years of silent suffering, is determined to get even with former teen heartthrob Aaron Carter, who completely humiliated him in 2001.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry: neither did I until only a few minutes ago.

Apparently, in 2001, AC released a song and video called “How I Beat Shaq,” which also featured Shaq, getting trashed on the basketball field in a one-on-one game. Obviously, Aaron bragged about it to all his friends.

12 years later, Shaq wants his revenge – and he gets it the most childish, adorable and funny way.

Check it out and, of course, enjoy.

As a side note, how cute was Aaron? The song, not so much.

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