Shape Shifting Solar Lamp Looks More like an Alien Device

The lamp has three main arms, each of which can be made to turn and bend

Solar lamps are quite popular amongst those who care about sustainability and not polluting the environment. However, they stand to soon also become popular amongst those who are quite passionate about futuristic designs.

This is because a solar lamp recently developed by designer Lenka Czereova looks less like a run-of-the-mill light source, and more like a peculiar alien device.

Tree Hugger explains that each such lamp is made up of three main arms that can be made to turn and bend as the lamp's owner sees fit. This basically means that the lamp can be made to stay put on various surfaces.

“While it makes a great table or floor lamp, the tripodal design’s three bendable arms also make it possible to affix to the most awkward of surfaces or other objects to direct light exactly where you need it,” reads the lamp's description.

The solar cells are incorporated in the lamp's arms.

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