Shady WWE Sheamus Website Hides Facebook Scams

Scammers lure victims by promising them all sorts of videos and applications

Scammers have often leveraged the names and reputations of famous World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestlers in order to lure unsuspecting users to their scam sites. In the latest scheme, no one has died, but that doesn’t make it any less effective.

A shady website apparently dedicated to the current WWE champion, Sheamus, attempts to trick internauts into participating in rogue surveys by promising them a video entitled “[VIDEO] WTF! I just saw, Is that even Humanly possible?”

The site, which resembles Facebook, has other aces up its sleeve. It also promises victims bogus Facebook applications such as “UnfriendFinder” and one that claims to be able to reveal who is watching your profile.

Experts from GFI Labs warn users to be on the lookout for such plots, especially around the time of major wrestling events.

Remember that by allowing these apps the permission to access your profile, you’re helping the crooks spread their scams. Also, when you complete the surveys – which usually promise fabulous prizes – you’re actually earning a profit for the scammers.

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