Shady Twilight Facebook Page Tricks Users by Promising Vampire Contact Lenses

A clever phishing scheme leverages the movie's popularity

A Facebook page called “Twilight Saga” is trying to trick users into handing over their personal details by promising them free Twilight vampire contact lenses and other “merchandise.”

According to Bitdefender experts, victims are first urged to Like the shady post and share it with their friends. This ensures that more internauts are lured to the fake Twilight Facebook page which has already been liked by over 35,000 users.

Then, they’re redirected to a website where they’re asked to enter their email addresses, but also to choose the prize they desire.

The next phase is where the fun begins. Victims are presented with a form that asks them “Where do we ship your Twilight Tickets?”

Here, they must provide all sorts of information, including their name, email address, cell phone number, mailing address, city, state and zip code. This information is highly valuable for aggressive marketing schemes and targeted attacks.

As the launch date of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” approaches, it is likely that the number of scams that rely on the movie’s popularity will increase, so be careful what you click on.

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