Sex Makes Women Feel Hotter

Because it rises testosterone levels

Testosterone is a very pushy hormone that induces that horny state in men.

A new Canadian research points out that in fact, risen levels of testosterone act in men and women, straight or gay, in the same manner, making them feel really hot...

Men are almost always disposed to sex, but in women, testosterone must fuel the desire for intercourse.

And it was found to increase the likelihood of an orgasm but the new research shows that the hormone also makes females, after having sex, feeling sexier, 'hot pieces of meat'...

This research is the first to point that men and women can rise their own testosterone levels due to the frequency of sex intercourse.

Testosterone determines the development and maintenance of male sex traits and libido but women also secret small amounts (in normal conditions) as it is implied in female sex libido.

Extremely high or low levels in women can determine various conditions, but the variations found in the research are within acceptable ranges.

"Our [first] paper does suggest that there might be sexual benefits to higher levels of testosterone," said lead author Sari van Anders, from the Department of Psychology at Simon Fraser University.

The research team made two experiments.

In the first, the researchers checked testosterone levels in 49 women subjects before and after cuddling, intercourse (directly following it as well as next morning) and exercise.

The volunteers also completed a questionnaire about orgasms, libido levels and feelings of sexual attractiveness.

Exercise was employed as a control in the study because physical activity can change blood's biochemistry.

The women presented higher levels of testosterone just before and after cuddling and sexual contact, but the highest levels were linked to sexual contact.

The higher the testosterone level, the greater was the possibility that the woman had an orgasm and felt sexier next day.

"We don't know how testosterone increases after sex and close physical intimacy might benefit women, but some possibilities to examine in future studies include increased sexual desire, more positive moods, or more energy," said van Anders.

In the second approach, the researchers focused on testosterone levels linked to the subjects' situation: single, monogamous or polyamorous.

Polyamorous lifestyle meant the person was involved in multiple, committed relationships.

Monogamous men and women had the lowest overall testosterone levels, while polyamorous men and women displayed the highest amounts of testosterone.

The researchers believe the testosterone could enhance "bond maintenance": the individual will reject other suitors while preparing the partner for child conception.

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