Sewage Baby Ended Up in the Toilet by Accident, Chinese Police Says

The boy's mother will not be charged for attempted murder

The case of a newborn being flushed down the toilet in China has been closed with police writing it off as an accident, reports are saying.

According to The Independent, the 22-year-old mother will not be facing any charges. While a preliminary investigation showed that the incident could be classified as attempted murder, local officials have concluded that the baby accidentally fell down the toilet.

She has explained that her son slipped as she was giving birth to him in a communal toilet. As I detailed, a two-hour rescue ensued and the baby was freed from the sewage system in an apartment building in Jinhua, Zhejiang province.

The mother stayed on and watched rescue operations. She later mentioned having the baby out of wedlock and receiving no support from the father, with whom she only had a one-night-stand. The child has been discharged from the hospital to his grandparents' care.

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