Severely Emaciated Dog Now Fighting for Her Life

Animal welfare inspectors say she looks like a “walking skeleton”

The 1-year-old pooch in this picture was found waling up and down Duke Street in Glasgow only a few days ago. The person who found her took her to a local police station, and later on, animal welfare inspectors working with the Scottish SPCA intervened and took her under their care.

Sources say that Jess, as this dog was named, weighs about half of what would be ideal for her age and stature, and that the people now trying to get her back on her feet have stated that she very much resembles a “walking skeleton.”

Despite being given a blood transfusion, Jess is yet to come out of the woods. However, it appears that she still has a chance of making a recovery.

“Weight loss on this level does not happen overnight and we believe she may have been neglected over a prolonged period of time, although we can't rule out the possibility that she may have been trapped or abandoned in a property,” the Scottish SPCA said.

“However, we are hopeful she will make a recovery,” they later added.

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