Several Hacktivist Groups to Join Forces for OpUSA on May 7

At least 9 groups say they'll take part in the campaign

The hacker collectives that took part in Operation Israel (OpIsrael) have announced their intentions to initiate a similar campaign on May 7. This time, the target will be the United States.

According to a statement published on Pastebin, the hacktivists promise that OpUSA will cause “more damage” than OpIsrael.

The teams involved in this operation are AnonGhost, The Hackers Army, Mauritania Hacker Team, Moroccan Hackers, Ajax Team, the Muslim Liberation Army, Zcompany Hacking Crew and the Khorasan Hackers Army Team.

Although they haven’t officially confirmed it, Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters – the hackers responsible for disrupting the websites of US financial institutions each week as part of Operation Ababil – will reportedly also take part in the attacks.

The hacktivist groups say they’re pleased with the results of OpIsrael, but many argue that their claims, according to which they’ve breached over 100,000 websites and caused damages of billions of dollars, are exaggerated.

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