Several Chinese Government Sites Defaced by Algerian Hackers

22 websites have been breached in a period of 3 weeks

In a statement issued earlier today, Chinese officials complained that their cyberspace was constantly targeted by hackers from abroad. One of the hacker groups involved in the attacks against the Chinese government is the Algerian Barbaros-DZ collective. 

In the period between January 29 and February 19, the hackers defaced a total of 22 websites owned by the Chinese government, HackRead reports.

The list of targets includes the Chenxi Rural Integrated Information Network, the Honggu District Agencies Preparation Network, the Dali Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau Information Network, the Nancheng Audit Office, and the Days of the County Land and Resources Bureau.

The hackers have told HackRead that they will keep attacking Chinese government websites.

The cyberattacks launched against the country’s infrastructures are not China’s only concern at the moment.

Reports say the US is ready to issue fines, penalties and trade restrictions in response to the cyberattacks allegedly launched by China.

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