Seven Baby Pandas Take Group Pictures Together

The cubs were all born at a breeding center in China, delight staff and visitors

Within a relatively short time span (only three months), the Chengdy Panda Base in Sichuan, China, witnessed the birth of seven baby pandas, all of which are now quite grown and ready to meet the public.

Luckily for us, these cubs do not shy away from posing for one or two group pictures, especially if they are busy sleeping.

The picture above shows the baby pandas lined up for rest in the same bed. Judging by how cute they all look, it would be quite difficult to pick a favorite.

One of these cubs was born on the opening day of the London Olympics, and the staff at this breeding center decided to name it Oreo.

For the time being, the Chengdy Panda Base is home to 113 such bears.

“The birth of so many baby giant pandas is a testament to the success of our breeding program,” explains Dr. Zhang Zhihe, the center’s director.

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