Setting Permissions in phpBB3

Global, forum and user permissions

After you created the forums, you must set up the permissions for them, so you will decide what your users are allowed to do and what not. There are four different types of permissions:

- User/Group permissions (global permissions) - e.g. disallow changing avatar

- Administrator permissions (global permissions) - e.g. allow to manage forums

- Moderator permissions (global or local permissions) - e.g. allow to lock topics or ban users (only global)

- Forum permissions (local permissions) - e.g. allow to see a forum or post topics

Global permissions are used to control access on a global level and can be applied to the entire bulletin board. They are further divided into Users’ Permissions, Groups’ Permissions, Administrators and Global Moderators. Forum Based Permissions or local permissions are used to control access on a per forum basis. They are further divided into Forum Permissions, Forum Moderators, Users’ Forum Permissions and Groups’ Forum Permissions.

First set global permissions. Go to Global permissions/Groups` permissions and select the user group you want to assign permissions. Select Registered Users and after that select type of permissions: User permission. If you want to change in detail permissions, modify the role for Registered Users and go to Advanced permissions.

If you want to make your forum available to the users, you will need to set permissions on the forum for users. You can do that from Forum based permissions from Permissions section. The easiest way is to give permission to user groups. In Groups` forum permissions select Registered users and then check All forums. In the next screen you can set basic permissions and advanced permissions for every forum. From Role I recommend you to select Standard Access+Polls. If you go now to your forum homepage, you will be able to see the forums and categories.

From Permissions you can also select moderators for every forum and different permissions for every user.


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