Serious Sam Creator Attacks Windows 8 Certification

He says that it's a way of closing down the PC platform

The number of video game developers who attack software giant Microsoft for the certification process that was introduced with the new Windows 8 Operating System continues to grow and many are backing the original position taken by Gabe Newell, the leader of Valve.

Alen Ladavac, the chief technical officer working at the developer of the Serious Sam series, states on the official Steam forum that, “Gabe Newell did not overreact. What you don’t see here is that, under the hood, the new tiled UI is a means for Microsoft to lock Windows applications into a walled garden, much like the one on iOS.”

He adds, “There is this ‘small detail’ that Microsoft is not advertising anywhere, but you can find it dug deep in the developer documentation: one cannot release a tiled UI application by any other means, but only through Windows Store.”

Lavadac says that the rule is horrible and that it will assure the fact that features that have so far been linked to home consoles are now added to the home PC.

The certification process also means that there’s no way for developers and the community for a game to work on mods and then to make it easy for players to download and then install them, because they would have to be approved by Microsoft themselves.

The Croteam developer says that the entire process should be abolished and that the Microsoft team working on Windows 8 should make it easier for developers to launch content for the new OS.

The worries that the Serious Sam creators mention have been expressed by other members of the gaming world, but Microsoft continues to maintain that it has no nefarious plans for Windows 8 and only wants to make sure that gamers get the best possible content.

The attacks on Windows 8 have been seen as a sign that Valve is working on its own gaming-oriented Steam-based OS.

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