Serious Sam 3: BFE Receives Another Major Update on Steam for Linux

The stability of the Linux version has been improved

Serious Sam 3: BFE is a very serious first-person shooter, as the name suggests. It’s developed by Croteam and it’s one of the launch titles for Steam on Linux.

The Croteam studio has been hard at work and it is trying its best to make Serious Sam 3: BFE one of the best shooters for Linux.

The latest update for the game can be enabled by selecting the publicbeta option from Steam. Here is a short list with the highlights of the patch:

• A crash occurring when switching from camera to player spectator mode has been fixed;

• A fix for micro-stuttering issue, controlled via 'sim_iFixMicroStuttering' cvar, has been introduced;

• Fixed black screen on client when joining a Last Man Standing server;

• If corruption of official gro files is detected, application will notify Steam that it should verify application cache on next restart. This should hopefully fix any corrupted files users may have on disk;

• Text input in Linux now respects the current keyboard layout;

• Support for clipboard (copy/paste) has been implemented;

• Fixed wrong characters in Linux for comma and period keys;

• Game now tries to restore desktop resolution after fatal error;

• Stack dump is now generated when the game crashes (into the Sam3.rpt file), similar to the Windows version. Post this when reporting crashes;

• Dedicated server would not start from Steam client;

• It is now possible to finalize files using the shipped editor. Finalized files will be smaller in some cases, but will lack edit data.

To install the beta, do this:

• locate the game (Serious Sam 3 in this case) in the Steam's "Library" panel

• right click and invoke "Properties"

• select the "Betas" tab

• choose "publicbeta"

More details about the changes introduced with the patch can be found in the official announcement on Steam’s website.

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