Serious Sam 3: BFE Gets Another Serious Update for Linux

The developers are still improving this excellent FPS

Serious Sam 3: BFE is a very serious first-person shooter, as the name suggests. It’s developed by Croteam and it’s one of the launch titles for Steam on Linux.

The Croteam studio has been hard at work and it is trying its best to make Serious Sam 3: BFE one of the best shooters for Linux.

The latest update for the game can be enabled by selecting the public Beta option from Steam. Here is a short list with the highlights of the patch:

• A slowdown due to constant resizing of HDR buffer when Netricsa HUD is on has been fixed;

• Showing rendering resolution is now more accurate. (Shows size of HDR drawport and canvas it resides on.);

• Erroneous calculation of object guide box handle size has been fixed;

• Gamepads are no longer disconnected if they don't have enough axes or buttons. This should also fix performance impact for such gamepads;

• Gamepad names are now logged;

• Implemented new macro function ApplyDamageTool() on base entity. This function exposes Editor's Damage Tool to scripts;

• An issue causing all split screen users to render primary user's crosshair icon instead of their own has been fixed;

• Fixed player’s view getting stuck when forced to look onto a target entity by script, if Free Look option is disabled;

• Support for hardware gamma-correction has been added;

• The game now uses the new Steam Workshop API that allows item sizes of up to 200MB, and should be more resistant to transient errors;

• Survival medals are now shown correctly.

To install the beta, do this:

• locate the game (Serious Sam 3 in this case) in the Steam's "Library" panel

• right click and invoke "Properties"

• select the "Betas" tab

• choose "publicbeta"

More details about the changes introduced with the patch can be found in the official announcement on Steam’s website.

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