Serial Cat Killer Allegedly on the Loose in Upstate New York

Authorities fear they might at one point switch to attacking people

Authorities in New York suspect that a serial cat killer might be on the loose in the area, and fear that, at one point, this individual might switch from torturing animals to attacking people.

Sources report that, since July 2012 and up until present days, a total of four cats were brutally killed in the lower Hudson River Valley and in its proximity.

Blackfoot, the last feline to die at the hands of this individual, was both shot and beaten. Thus, the feline displayed both a spinal fracture and gunshot wounds.

The other three cats found dead in this region had all been beheaded.

“We responded to a call not quite half a mile from here where we found a decapitated cat's head that was placed in the middle of the road. That took place within a month of two cats that were found nearby in Connecticut in the same condition,” explained Ken Ross of the Putnam County SPCA.

Presently, the police is asking that whoever has any information concerning these killings contact them as soon as possible.

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