Senior Couple Find Python Wrapped Around Toilet Seat

The snake slithered in through a hole in the bathroom wall, near the toilet pipe

Pictured above, Lulu, as she is nicknamed, is a python found by a senior couple in Paisley, in the west central Lowlands of Scotland.

The snake got into their apartment by slithering through a hole in the bathroom wall, near the toilet pipe, the Mirror reported yesterday. The elderly woman came in the bathroom to discover the snake wrapped around the toilet seat, and it is a good thing she didn't sit down.

She turned the animal in to the Scottish SPCA's Glasgow Animal and Rehoming Centre in Cardonald, who told her it posed no danger whatsoever.

“Pythons are generally known for their placid nature and relatively small size, so although they can look a bit scary, they aren't dangerous,” Chief Inspector Fiona Henderson explains.

What's amazing is that Lulu, the snake, was actually someone's pet:

“We're keen to reunite Lulu with her owner, who probably lives close by. [...] She's in good body condition and well fed so we're sure someone is missing her,” she says.

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