Selling Touch-Less Notebooks Will Be Hard in a Year, Intel Believes

Due to Windows 8, touch support will stop being an unusual sight

We've seen the signs, so we know that it is only a matter of time before all screens become touchscreens. Intel even believes things will go faster than others think.

The dismissal of ARM as a minor concern wasn't the only thing that happened during that interview that Intel's CEO Paul Otellini agreed to.

The company also said its piece about touchscreens and what they meant for notebooks.

In essence, Chipzilla believes that, by the time one year has passed, it will be hard to sell laptops without touch support.

“It is pretty compelling. I never thought that I would touch my screen much, but it works out pretty well,” said Mr. Otellini.

Currently, PCs with touch support are few. However, now that Windows 8 relies on touch as primary control interface, all laptops are expected to get them.

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