Seller Appears Naked in eBay Yellow Skater Dress Post, Drives Price Up

The price of the dress sky-rocketed to £150,000 ($238,000 / €180,000)

An offering for a dress on eBay went from £15.99 ($19 / €25) to almost 10,000 times the amount, because of the picture of the product.

The ad was for a yellow ASOS skater dress, pictured above. It looks appealing enough, but not exactly worth the £150,000 ($238,000 / €180,000) it was offered by the end of the auction.

It appears the very attractive young woman selling the dress appeared in the backdrop, with almost no clothes on.

She was snapping a photo of the dress and didn't realize she caught a mirror reflection of herself in the shot. I guess she remained unaware of that detail when she uploaded the picture.

The posting soon went viral, and the little yellow dress got a hashtag of its own - #ebayyellowskaterdress. Going to Twitter will allow you to check out the entire post.

"Possibly the best use of viral advertising to date?," one user commented.

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