Selena Gomez’s Parents Blindsided by Her Decision to Fire Them as Managers

Mandy Teefey is shocked, she thought Selena was “just talking”

Here’s one strange way to break some bad news to your relatives and / or business partners: Selena Gomez’s mother and step dad, Mandy and Brian Teefey, found out that they had been fired as her managers from the media, not from Selena’s mouth.

They tell TMZ they were “blindsided” by the news because they didn’t expect to read up on the announcement in the press. It’s not like they didn’t know Selena was considering it, but they had no idea she was serious about it.

“Mandy tells us she thought last month's conversation was just talk and she's having a hard time processing the fact that she's no longer Selena's manager,” the celebrity e-zine writes. Mandy and Brian have managed Selena’s career since her early days with Disney.

However, Mandy explains for the same media outlet, after the initial shock wore off, she spoke with Selena again and she confirmed for her what she’d read online: she wanted a different manager because she felt like she’d “outgrown” this stage in her life and her career.

Both Mandy and Brian, shocked as they are, insist they’re ultimately ok with whatever Selena decides and that they will do their best to respect her decision. For the time being, they continue to be involved in several of her projects, including an upcoming movie.

Earlier reports said that Selena wanted a “professional manager” to be in charge of her career from now on, which sparked some speculation as to whether she’s planning a change in sound and look, like Miley Cyrus has recently adopted, also after changing managers.

Miley is now with Larry Rudolph, aka Britney Spears’ former manager, who is also credited for her splashing comeback, which was all the more spectacular precisely because no one thought it could be possible. Various media outlets have blamed Rudolph for this transformational process Miley has been going through, which has seen her do and say some of the rudest and unpleasant things ever.

Whether Selena too is thinking of making herself more available to a more mature audience through such a drastic change remains to be seen. Right now, speculation online claims she’s looking into hiring Kris Jenner as a manager, but we can only guess what that might mean.

Kris Jenner is the mother and manager of all Kardashian and Jenner girls, and she has a very nasty reputation in certain circles. At the same time, she gets things done so, if that’s what Selena wants, that’s what Selena will get.

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